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CP Series Centrifugal Pump is newly developped matching pump based on the features of oil & gas exploration equipment. Adopting axial suction structure and having its flow parts made of antifriction cast iron, it is suited to transport corrosive drilling fluids containing suspended particles and other liquid agents in the similiar situation. Therefore, it is the best matching pump for desander, desilter and mixing hopper as well as the ideal priming pump for mud pump. Besides, it takes full consideration in the design of its parameters whether the equipment may operate in the best conditions. The advantages of CP Series Centrifugal Pump are the strong versatility and interchangeability of its parts, less leakage in shaft seals, stable performance, long service life and ease of maintenance.

KOSUN CP Series Centrifugal Pump is mainly applied to transport drilling fluids. It can be matched to desander and desilter as feed pump, to jet mud mixer as mixing pump and to drilling rig's mud pump as priming pump.
  • CP Series Centrifugal Pump adopts tungsten carbide mechanical seal, therefore, the sealing is stable and less maintenance is needed.
  • The design on impeller lowers axial thrust loads and makes it easier for installation, reparation and maintenance.
  • Its surface painting adopts the heavy anticorrosive epoxy zinc rich paint produced by Kansai Japan and high-pressure airless spraying.
  • CP Series Centrifugal Pump is all treated by spraying and rust cleaning on the surface. (all its screws, bolts, flat gaskets and split pins are galvanized, with no chrome plated, while the nickel pieces and dowels are processed with anti-corrosion materials.)
Model Flow m3/h/GPM ?Lift m/ft Power kW/HP Speed r/min Efficiency
CP68-75 300/1320 37/121.4 75/100 1480 67%
CP68-55 240/1056 36/118.1 55/75 1480 66%
CP68-45 200/880 33/108.3 45/60 1480 64%
CP56-45 200/880 33/108.3 45/60 1480 64%
CP56-37 180/792 31/101.7 37/50 1480 63%
CP56-30 180/792 28/91.9 30/40 1480 62%
CP56-22 160/704 22/72.2 22/30 1470 62%
CP34-15 85/374 26/85.3 15/20 1460 61%
CP34-11 80/352 23/75.5 11/15 1460 61%
CP34-7 54/238 18/59 7.5/10 1440 60%